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An Exclusive Guide on Chiropractic Lead Generation

How we add 28 New Patients for Chiros
(in under a month)

FREE for Chiropractors, this is NOT a paid Marketing Service/Agency

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Fill out the application below for us to fill up your practice with paying clients (You DO NOT pay for this)

  • We spend thousands to advertise on Google and Facebook for your practice
  • A prospective patient sees the app, and fills out a form to come in
  • We schedule them, and orientate them when they come into the practice
  • All you handle is the adjustment, we take the rest and sell them into a longer-term treatment plan of continued care

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Application: Free for Chiropractors

We have more demand for this than hours in the day. Which is why we require an application. We have to make sure that you are an exceptional fit for us before we can commit to doing this for you.

If you find yourself wondering if this is "too good to be true"... you're right. Let me explain the "catch". 

Skeptical? Read this

Hey Doc, 

Sam here. I've been getting Chiropractic treatment since I was a kid. I'm passionate about Chiropractic. I think it heals a majority of the day-to-day pains that people feel.

But unfortunately, I'm in the minority on this. 

The "common man" doesn't understand the value of treatment and preventative care

This is where I come in. 

I'll advertise on your behalf to get people interested and in the door.

From there, you treat them, and I handle the rest (selling them on remaining a patient at the practice).

I do this by selling them a treatment plan where they pay in bulk for future adjustments.

Now, of course each treatment plan is going to be different based on the needs of that specific patient. Which is where you and I will consult to discuss what you believe is best for their long-term care.

But when we have a client pay for their treatment AHEAD of time, what happens?

They become more committed to their health and healing. They finally have a stake in their treatment.

This, in my opinion, is where most doctors get it wrong. 

Look, if you leave the treatment frequency up to the patient... they'll use you as a turnstile that they come and go through based on their symptoms.

Our goal should be to maintain their spinal integrity BEFORE they experience symptoms.

NOT (what most do), where they only come in after they already feel like they slept on a slab of bricks.

I want to be clear, my intention is to be there at your front desk booking these patients in and consulting with you on each individual patient that needs a treatment plan.

I'll cover all of the fees. Advertising, my flight to you, my hotel, my rental car, meals, everything.

The reason I'm able to do this and front all the costs, is because I want to split the revenue of the treatment plan.

I get the up front fee from the patient to cover the cost to acquire them for the practice.

You get a patient at the end of it that is in love with your practice, has given you a favorable Google and Facebook review, and will continue to receive treatment.

And you get them for free. (Since I pay to acquire them via marketing).

Fair enough?

If you still have questions, call or text my personal cell: 952-486-0847

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